New Commission for the Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Library ( + call for artists!!!)


Everyone knows I am a huge Dick Cheney fan.  I mean—he shot a guy in the face!


When I first met Dick in late 2000, I was stunned by how small he was in person.  He kept asking me to reach “the high stuff” his office staff had put on his top shelves to keep him out of trouble.


He laughed at the black bar across my face with my name on it.  But that day, he also said something that I never forgot.  He said, “Grrrr.  When I get my vice presidential library, grrrr, your art will be there, grrrr.”


And true to his word, Dick called this past week.  “Joe Moma.  Grrrr.  My library.  Grrrr.  Almost done.  Grrrr.  Art now.”  Enough said.  The Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Library Art Committee gave me a choice: create either a work of Dick wrestling a tiger, or a work of him fighting Mike Tyson.  I could find no factual evidence of him wrestling a tiger, but there is historical truth to his fighting Mike Tyson.


It was a blustery night in late January, 2002.  The Potomac was frozen over.  President George W. Bush delivered his famed “Axis of Evil” speech.  Afterwards Dick was pumped.  He flew from D.C. to Vegas to “party hard,” according to his handlers, and while there instigated a fight with Mike Tyson (Tyson later said he had been at a dinner party when Cheney approached him and he felt “bullied” and intimidated into accepting the fight).


They met before a packed house at the MGM Grand Garden Arena .  The outcome of the fight is known history.


Dick took some hits but ultimately gave more than he received, and by the fourth round had driven Tyson into a corner.


Mike struck back, trying to fight his way out.


In the end, it was Cheney’s right hook that finished Mike.  The nation went wild!  Everyone was ready to follow “Fightin’ Dick” and his armies into war!!!


My piece, Dick Verses Mike, will be etched into solid granite.


This is the architect’s drawing of how my work will look in the Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Library grand entrance hall.

12.CALL FOR ARTISTS!  I am curating art for the “Flame Room,” a unique space where books from other countries will be housed.  So here’s what I’m asking: create a piece of Dick Cheney art.   Email me your entry.  If I pick your work, you’ll get 1) your work in the Flame Room and 2) you’ll be paid handsomely from the Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Library Taxpayer’s Art Fund.  Good luck and I’ll post winning entries as they appear!  – JM



ZERUCH.  He gets his art in the Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Library Flame Room.  Expect contact from the Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Library Art Fund Committee soon.  – JM

Venezuelans vote for their least favorite Moma

The people of Venezuela have a tradition of voting for their least favorite Moma (their country imports much of this work).  “Ode to Guthrie” is their least favorite Moma of the 14-15 fiscal year.  Go figure.  I totally thought it was funny.  – JM


“The birds we see in the dead of night.” New painting.

The birds we see in the dead of night.  Oil on oak panel.  24 x 48 inches.  Based on a succession of falcons I witnessed swooping across an interstate around 3 am.  My headlights kept catching them and it was a rare event, as they normally fly in the light. – JM

The Birds We See in the Dead of Night.

New piece: “The stacks”

The stacks was done with a Micron 05 on heavy French paper.  I drew with the final mounting in mind.  There are (4) 1/2 inch chrome bolts holding a Masonite board to a slab of medium density fiberboard.  This piece hung with work I showed this past weekend at a local arts festival and I’m happy to say it was greatly admired by several people.  Drawing with a high quality pen on skillfully compressed paper is awesome.  The side views are my favorites.  The photographs don’t translate what’s to see in person.  Ultimately I’d like to compose these at a more massive scale of two stories on the side of a building wall. – JM

The Police Sculptures

The police I grew up with involved illustrations of police in my grade school textbooks rescuing kittens, directing traffic, being in general beneficial support persons for our wider society.  In my community, across the continent, I suspect there are still representatives of these police.  What images I mostly see today though are of a militarized force sent out to confront some mass at demonstration.  I still prefer the cat rescuer illustrations.  PIECE 1) A Cultural Bygone.  Wood, badge, stuffed cat.  PIECE 2) Traffic Duty.  Cardboard shipping tubes, wood, badge.  – JM

Three photographs from an unexpected journey

1Craw Ridge, Georgia.

2Beacon Creek, Iowa.


Pike, North Dakota.

A phone call, a death, arrangements.  Consequently, I had to take an unexpected journey through North America this past August.  I made these eyeballs prior to leaving and they came with me.  – JM

Our New Business Card – designed by some orphaned Australian kids


We held our annual “Design Our Business Card” contest and we’re proud to share this year’s winning design.  The artists were some Australian orphans.  For their winning entry, they hired a professional photographer to capture them illegally posting an original Joe Moma Unfoldable in a Sydney, Australia strip mall.  Along with having their photograph on our business card this year, they also received $10 USD and a certificate.  Please join us in congratulating them!

2 3 4 5


Painting smoke


I started painting smoke last summer, and approached the concept a few times more this summer.  This piece, The Rebecca Ward Goes Down, symbolically describes wooden ships that were frozen in place, and ultimately crushed by the ice, as early explorers (such as Robert Peary and crew) attempted to reach the top of the world.


Latex paint and ink on medium density fiberboard, framed in oak, maple and walnut.

8 8a

These photographs are from a temporary outdoor exhibit I posted on the exterior wall of an abandoned concrete facility at the end of July.  Plenty of neighborhood people passed by and enjoyed the art…  – JM